Aswalamba (Dist -Beed) Upcoming StudyMall project -Digital Class

Thinksharp Foundation team is helping 5 villages and approx more than 3000 rural children by providing  better rural educational infrastructure  through 5 StudyMall projects as of Aug 2017.

Our aim is to put one village one StudyMall throughout India. As we are progressing we are getting lot of inquiries to establish StudyMall from lot of villages . While we would love to help and set up StudyMall in each and every village that approaches us, however due to funds and operational challenges we prioritize villages.

Thinksharp foundation team has decided to help 10 villages in this financial year (preferably by Dec 2017). Out of this 10 villages one is Village Aswalamba which will have Digital class under StudyMall project.

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Thinksharp Foundation founder Mr. Santosh visited village Aswalamba  as a part of pre visit on 22 July 2017. Our active supporter and team member Mr.Nitin Dhakne helped us in arranging the visit and has been our point of contact for this entire process.

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Aswalamba is a small village in Tq.Parli Vaijanath, Dist Beed with a total population of 1870 people. Nearest railway station is Parali Vaijnath .There are no other  schools in the village except Z.P.School Aswalamba.

 Z.P. School Aswalamba  which enrolls children from 1st to 7th std . The total number of students in school is 179 (92 boys and 87 girls).Total number of teachers is 08 . There are total 10 classrooms out of which only 5 are RCC. There is no library, digital infrastructure, solar lamps or extra curricular activity infrastructure for children.

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After interacting with  students and discussion  with teachers, we realized  they have lot of potential to develop and grow provided they have access to better educational infrastructure.

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We were requested by parents, teachers and students to provide them with library, digital projector and any other beneficial educational infrastructure.

We are very excited to help this 179 students read and learn better. Our StudyMall project-Digital class in this school will create an motivation and increase interest among the students to attend school. Moreover it will also increase awareness among the parents on importance of education.

Please help us in providing them better rural educational infrastructure.

You too  can donate and support to help many other rural children learn, read and grow better. You will also gain from the donation as all our donations have tax benefits.

You can  donate on our website ..

Thanks and keep your Human side up that will keep you smiling….

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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Thinksharp Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation. We believe that every child has a right for better education and that he/she should have opportunity to access what they deserve. Thinksharp Foundation is running Project "StudyMall" - Read and Learn in various villages of Maharashtra.

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