25th StudyMall launched at Gangakhed, Dist Parbhani

Thinksharp Foundation is growing, we are now helping around 5000 rural children in 30 villages of Maharashtra through 28 Studymall projects running in rural schools. We are excited to share a detailed story about one of our Projects, “25th StudyMall” that was launched on 22 Oct 2018 at Sant.Janabai school,Gangakhed taluka,District Parbhani in Marathwada region. In first phase we set up Digital Class and Library which will help more than 818 children from 1st to 12th Std.

Our chief guests were education experts,teachers,Sarpanch and parents. In the first phase we launched Digital Class and Library in both schools.

Gangakhed is village with approximate total population of 55000.  Sant.Janabai school of this  village is from 01 to 12 std and is Marathi medium school.The total students in this school are 515, 480 boys and 338 girls and there are 25 teachers dedicated to this children. This children now have a equal chance to read books, to learn various subject such as science  through digital learning and to enjoy learning arts,crafts etc with help of better educational infrastructure.

You can catch glimpses of opening ceremony on our facebook page Click here

We thank all our supporters and donors. Special thanks to organisation who funded for this project-Young Volunteer’s Organization ( http://www.yvorg.in/) Thanks to  all our partners for infrastructure solutions such as  E-Prashala, Pratham Books, Jyotsna Publication. We  also extend our thanks to all individual supporters and donors.

You can also become our partner organisation, supporter, volunteer and you can choose to donate for our cause. Check for more details on our website.

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

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Teach For India TFIx program attended by our founder.

Our founder Mr.Santosh Phad was one of the selected social entrepreneurs in round 1 of a selection process for a TFIx  incubation program by Teach for India (TFI)  07 and 08 Dec 2017 at Mumbai. TFIx is a year-long Incubation Program and lifelong Learning Circle, for passionate entrepreneurs working in the education space

TFI is an esteemed non-profit organisation (http://www.teachforindia.org/). TFIx, will provide yearlong support to those who are  selected as they set up their organisations.This program will provide support, one to one mentor ship and guidance to fellow entrepreneurs.

As a part of the selection process of the TFIx program, there was a  2 days program arranged in Mumbai on 07 and 08 Dec 2017. Our Founder Mr.Santosh was chosen in round 1 and was qualified for this 2 days selection process of the program.The program was attended by many chosen fellow social entrepreneurs.

Mr. Santosh proposed Thinksharp foundation’s work, our theory of rural educational change, how we will bring that change in rural educational infrastructure through StudyMall during this program.

Many esteemed experts and social entrepreneurs from organisations such as – Hope Of People everywhere (www.hopeeverywhere.in), Universe Simplified (www.Universsimplified.org), Bridges of Sports, Vardhishnu (www.vardhishnu.org), Vidyaposhak, Knowyourstar, Causetoconnect, vaani, Antarang foundation attended the program.

During this workshop all the entrepreneurs had chance to visit a municipality school in Mumbai. This school is under one of the TFI fellow. The visit provided a chance to understand the problems faced by this TFI fellow in implementing better educational program in that municipality school, how to invent solution for those problems  and how to measure the impact of solution provided.

We wish best luck for TFIx program which will help many entrepreneurs reach each and every nook and corners of India in bringing better educational infrastructure. TFIx program will equip entrepreneurs to implement there innovative solutions in education.  To know more about this innovative fellowship and innovative work by TFI log on to .http://www.teachforindia.org/node/547

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

Web- www.ThinkSharpFoundation. org

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7th StudyMall launched at Village Panodi, Dist Ahemdnagar

We are very happy to share that our 7th  StudyMall Project was launched on 02 Dec 2017 at Balpan English School. On occasion of the opening ceremony a science exhibition was also presented by  150+ school’s talented little scientists . Children made windmill, sound and air properties, volcano eruption, rainbow formation, motor driven boat, sprinkler irrigation, ATM machine, Hydraulic lift etc as part of science exhibition.
To know more click the link to see exclusive pictures of this event on our Facebook page album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.955111167961433.1073741835.181244028681488&type=1&l=fd30796769 
This  School is started by a very dynamic couple and social entrepreneurs themselves Mr and Mrs Munde. They both have two talented children Pratik and Varad,  and they realized  they had to send there eldest Son Pratik to a town place to study in English medium. This created an impact on both of them and it put them in direct contact with the problems faced by parents who are forced to send children to towns and cities for better educational facilities.  To overcome this , they are running a State approved English School in a small village Panodi, which is in Tq-Sangamner, Dist Ahmednagar (40 km from Shirdi ) Maharashtra, India. There youngest son Varad is studying in same school in 4th std.
The school is a 2 storey building with lights tubes fans and ample ground with playground. They are trying best to upgrade school infrastructure everyday. School has total 167 students from 1st to 5 th std. The staff (approx 8 teachers in total)  is highly qualified and motivated to educate and teach this talented set of children.
On 15 Aug 2017, Team Thinksharp Foundation attended Independence day event Balpan English school.  We were highly convinced by there dedication and commitment for betterment of educational infrastructure and hence decided to help them more from our side.
On 02 Dec 2017, we formally launched StudyMall in this school. This StudyMall project provides them with Digital projector which is solar based and has all the needed academic contents plus non academic extracurricular contents for interactive learning. We aim to help them more in long term by providing them more learning tools as they need.
If you want to help your village or more villages like this You too can be part of this. Click the link to donate in few minutes . You will also be eligible to claim tax benefit for donation*.

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

Web- www.ThinkSharpFoundation.org

Fb- https://www.facebook.com/ThinkSharpFoundation

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ThinkSharpFound

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Children from Village Kumbefal and Kalegaon will soon read and learn better.

On 05 Nov 2017 we visited Z.P.School of Village Kumbefal, and Village Kalegaon, Dist Buldhana. We did pre inspection of both Z.P.School’s. We were humbled by support and co-ordination of Respected  Bodade sir and Bodade Madam. 

Also thankful to Z.P.School staff, students and parents for extending warm welcome in school especially considering it was Sunday.

Watch our 1 minute video of both schools which provides an overall view of current infrastructure of both this school.



Kumbefal and Kalegaon village  are small villages located in Taluqa Khamgaon. On our way to the village we could see their  geographical location i.e located in mountainous region. Approximate population of Kumbefal is 2800 and that of Kalegaon is 3500.

Kumbefal village Z.P. school is from 1st to 8th  std (Marathi) and has 233 students (100 boys &133 girls), Total classrooms 08 but No RCC classrooms. They need Library and digital class for betterment of these 233 students.

Kalegaon village Z.P.School  is from 1st to 7th  Std Marathi medium and urdu medium , First and Second class semi English, 201 students (85 boys and 116 girls), 9 classrooms out of which 7 are RCC.

Honoring their commitment for better education to this village children, we are going to do our bit by installing StudyMall in this school. It will have Digital Class, Library, sports , arts and crafts materials and other educational infrastructure  to start with. This 2 StudyMall will benefit approx more than 400 children of 2 villages.

You can also watch talented children of this school who dream to be doctor, teacher, police officer, military officer, dancer etc.We need to support them by doing our bit to help them achieve there dreams.  E.G. Watch this student who is showing of his dance moves, he dreams to be a dancer. You can watch his friends too on same channel.


You too can donate and support  400  students of both villages. With your help they will be able to read, learn and be better citizens of our country. Also all donations made to us  have tax benefit*.

You can  donate on our website ..http://www.thinksharpfoundation.org/#/donate

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

Web- www.ThinkSharpFoundation.org

Fb- https://www.facebook.com/ThinkSharpFoundation

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ThinkSharpFound

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Our Founder’s view on Social Entrepreneurship at launch of E-cell event

We are very proud to share that our Founder Mr.Santosh Phad was invited as guest speaker at inauguration of E-cell at ADMI. Mr.Santosh is a firm believer of concept “social entrepreneurship”. Mr.Santosh is a Social entrepreneur himself  who is constantly in search of different entrepreneurial ventures to help his society. Currently through his NGO Thinksharp Foundation’s “StudyMall” project he is helping approximately 1700 village children. StudyMall helps village children  read, learn and play by  providing them  better educational infrastructure.

Mr.Santosh Phad as guest speaker at launch of E-Cell ADMI
Mr.Santosh Phad as guest speaker at launch of E-Cell ADMI

On 22nd August 2016, E-Cell i.e entrepreneurship cell was successfully launched in Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial & Management Studies, in association with Wadhwani Foundation’s NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network).

Wadhwani Foundation is an philanthropic organisation which was founded in 2000 by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies through large-scale job creation.  Wadhwani Foundation  under there project “National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)”  inspires, educates, and supports student entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs for creating high-value jobs. NEN has also ventured into creating city-based entrepreneurial ecosystems consisting of mentors, investors, and incubators supporting startups and SMEs.

The ‘Alkesh Dinesh Mody’ Institute for Financial and Management Studies’ is an institute of the ‘University of Mumbai’. The Institute was co-founded by the Mr. Dineshbhai Mody in loving memory of his beloved son Late Shri Alkeshbhai D. Mody. The Institute was established in 1994 which is offering managementeducation with a focus of financial services.

Mr.Santosh at inauguration ceremony of E-CELL.

E-cell ADMI event Mr.Santosh talks about Social entrepreneurship
At E-cell ADMI event Mr.Santosh talks about Social entrepreneurship


Other esteemed speakers included Dr.Smita Shukla, Director ADMIFMS, Dr.Radha Iyer Entrepreneurship area chairperson SIMSR, MR.Ronald Fernandes NEN representative, Ms.Tanisha Chatterjee and Mr.Madhav Kabra Jaihind college and many more .

The complete team during the event of E-CELL INAUGURATION
The complete team during the event of E-CELL inauguration

During this event Mr.Santosh Phad was one of the guest speakers. Mr.Santosh spoke about social entrepreneurship.

He discussed the need of social enterprise in today’s world. Specific challenges in social entrepreneurship, how to overcome them, how to scale the social enterprise and various resources that can help in success of  social entrepreneurship.

He explained that social entrepreneurship is an innovative entrepreneurial idea with the potential to solve a community problem. As it deals with profit in terms of how many individuals will benefit instead of typical monetary gain, the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs in terms of  raising funds, mobility of resources and scaling up are very different than a profit making enterprise. He congratulated and thanked the E-CELL team for launch of this event which will greatly help social entrepreneurs grow and succeed

He further talked about few ways to deal with them and then gave example of few of his favorite social entrepreneurs like Mr.Mohammed Yunus, Nobel peace prize winner founder of Grameen bank, Mr.Dhruv Lakra from Mirakle couriers, Mr. Pranil Naik from leap for word and many more.

Mr.santosh with E-CELL ADMI team member

We congratulate Wadhwani foundation and Alkesh Dinesh Mody institute for taking up this good initiative to help upcoming promising entrepreneurs. We wish them Good luck and look foreword to any support and collaboration @ https://www.facebook.com/ECell.ADMI/

We strongly recommend on behalf of our founder to connect with  E-CELL ADMI team to grow there entrepreneurial ideas and venture’s.

If you believe in our Founder’s vision of Thinksharp Foundation NGO and want to donate for StudyMall for the better rural education infrastructure log on to http://www.thinksharpfoundation.org

Thanks and keep your Human side up that will keep you smiling….

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

Web- www.ThinkSharpFoundation.org

Fb- https://www.facebook.com/ThinkSharpFoundation

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ThinkSharpFound

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