India education divide – rural education come to a standstill during lockdown

zoom session at Z.P School Ghore budruk, Haveli, Pune

Coronavirus Pandemic has made world come to a standstill. Even though it has been 3 months of lockdown, there is not complete recovery or change of situation.

Every industry including education sector has stopped working. Considering that there is no immediate vaccine or treatment in near future, the option we are left with is to face the situation together and find creative and effective solutions.

Usually in India the school reopens in June every year after summer holidays. However, considering this Coronavirus pandemic, restarting schools will aggravate the situation. But, on the other hand, keeping schools closed and children locked at home is also not a solution. Already the disruption of examinations and schools has affected children’s interest and slowed down the academics.

To find a balanced solution to this problem of loss of education of children, Thinksharp Foundation conducted a survey in 50 (Zilla Parished Schools) rural Government schools in Maharashtra.

We noted that these schools are trying their best to conduct school syllabus and avoid loss of interest of children via online method. They use online methods such as WhatsApp, zoom sessions etc. However, they are able to reach only 20% to 25% children due to various reasons. Few of the common reasons are parents do not have smart phones, or even if they have, the phones are not available when the online classes are conducted, network non availability, poor connection, electricity cut so phones are not charged etc. Hence only online classes cannot be the effective solution in rural schools.

We then discussed this problem and reached out for solutions to teachers, educationists, parents and other community members. Few solutions suggested are listed below:

  1. Govt should continue to broadcast syllabus on television. This will ensure that maximum children can have access and continue their academic syllabus study.
  2. Teachers should reach out to parents and share creative ideas of teaching academics at home.
  3. We should educate children on continuation of education in such situations of epidemics and pandemics.
  4. We as a community should come together, teachers reaching out to volunteers, parents and students coming together.

While we present few findings of survey on how corona affected education and share solutions, we still welcome comments regarding more solutions.

Written by
Dr.Shraddha Bhange (Volunteer)


Let’s “Transform Maharashtra” with youth and CMO of Maharashtra

Our Founder Mr.Santosh Phad was one of the Jury member  for the much acclaimed and celebrated event #Transformmaharashtra  initiated by our Chief minister of Maharashtra  Mr. Devendra Fadnavis at Mumbai on 01 May 2017. Mr.Santosh being one of the youth icon working and helping in transforming rural education of Maharashtra  himself was given this opportunity to be the jury for category Moulding the future: reform rural education in this event.

Mr.Santosh Our founder was one of the judge for the event

‘Transform Maharashtra’ event provided an opportunity to college students in Maharashtra to put their heads together and come up with policy and/or programme level solutions to 11 critical challenges being faced by the State at present. The award winning solutions  will be implementable by the Government.


The challenges were the 11 themes of event where students were asked to find solutions for it. The themes  included Invisible citizens: Empowering the Urban Poor,Jai Kisan: Drought free Maharashtra, Leap of faith: Bridging the digital divide, Launchpad: Start-up Maharashtra,Smart & Smarter: Development of sustainable & liveable cities, Connect the dots: Improving Mobility in Cities, Clean Slate: Swachh Maharashtra,Looking Glass: Zero Corruption Maharashtra,By the People: Citizen Engagement in Governance,Balancing the scales: Expediting Justice through Technology and Moulding the future: Reforming Rural Education.


This event was organised by ACT- Action for collective transformation.Action for Collective Transformation’ is an independent organization which enables professionals from various fields to engage in Governance and Politics. It aims to provide external support to stakeholder entities through high-level consulting and implementation support on program framework design, process flow improvement and real-time monitoring.

The ideas presented by young individuals from across every college of Maharashtra for the 11 themes were outstanding. Out of 2300 proposals received the winners were selected 3 each in each theme . There were 2 categories online voting popular choice and judges choice.

Judges choice winners

winners of Popular choice categorye

The event was highly supported and motivated by our Visionary Chief minister of Maharashtra Mr.Devendra Fadnavis. This was event was also graced by Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr.Akshay Kumar and Major General Anuj Mathur who guided and motivated youth. Singer K.K. Performed live and entertained young crowd which was a perfect end to a motivational event.

Respected guest of event


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Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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