Story about our supporters-Lets Tute and DHL Express India

We are  happy to share two stories regarding our partner organisation. This two organisations “Lets Tute” and “DHL Express India” have added value to our StudyMall project by adding education infrastructure for rural children in thier school which is interactive content to learn maths in effective manner and computers.

One of our StudyMall project in association with partner school at Karad, Dist-Satara received interactive,easy to learn Math books from our support organisation “LetsTute” on 19 July 2018.  We have received feedback from children that they are finding it easy to learn and enjoy maths. Teachers are also happy to use this content which makes teaching  more easy and effective .

Additonaly,happy to share that DHL Express India, has joined us to improve quality of rural education in Gov.Schools in Maharashtra. They have donated 29 laptops (used but remodelled in working condition). This laptops are used for setting up computer labs in rural schools. This was possible becuase of our supporter organisation Samhita GoodCSR who connected us with DHL Express India. We already set up one computer lab with help of this laptops at our StudyMall in Village Antradneed, Dist Raigad  on 28 June 2018 and one at Village Murumkhedwadi,District Aurangabad on 07 Aug 2018. This computer lab is helping now more than 400 rural children in becoming computer literate. Teachers are happy, and are uable to teach in  interactive manner by utilising laptops.

Let’s tute (Universal Learning Aid) is an E-learning company based in Mumbai which is helping rural children in making there learning journey more enjoyable. Their goal is to make some meaningful positive impact in education segment by providing quality education content to all students who want to explore, visualize and apply their learning to real life. They explain concepts in a very detailed and logical manner and they put focus on ‘self-learning’ and not teaching. Students need not mug up anything or try to remember things but they should be able to understand it in a way that the knowledge stays with them for life.They create content for various subjects such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics etc. Their content is useful for any student from any country pursuing any board/university. Our content takes them beyond class rooms, text books, examinations and marks. You can read more about them

DHL is world’s leading logistics company, and there CSR  mission is to connect people and improve their lives and they are fulfilling it by taking up a special responsibility towards there employees, society and the environment. They are doing an amazing job and we are humbled to have chance of working with them. We really appreciate there support and commitment in helping rural children’s education by there donation of laptops.


You can  also become our partenr organisation,supporter, volunteer or you can choose to donate for our cause. Check  for more details on our website

You can also become our partner organisation, supporter, volunteer and you can choose to donate for our cause. Check for more details on our website

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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26th StudyMall Launched at village Ambivali, Dist Raigad

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StudyMall – Bridging Rural-Urban education divide – Computer Education in Government schools in Maharashtra

The necessity of a basic computer education is immense in this day and age. The lowest job to the highest job, the need for a computer is always there. As we become more technologically advanced, kids have started using computers and mobile phones since they start speaking. This helps them be smarter, worldlier wise and also be in touch with the relevant events of the world. This is a luxury for many kids in the rural areas of India. Hence, we as country should strive to bridge these barriers.

At the ThinkSharp Foundation, we believe that education for all should not be a luxury, but a necessity. In the 21st century, computers, technology and everything related to it, has become a way of teaching and learning. Why should the lesser privileged or the remote villages be deprived of them? ThinkSharp has come up with StudyMall, where the organization donates computers and the peripherals for students in the rural areas so that they have access to basic computer education.

The recent feather in their hat was the contribution of computers to a government school in the district of Raigad, Karjat Taluka in Maharashtra. The Z.P. School received computers, under the StudyMall project. This project successfully benefitted around 50 students from the village. They will be educated in the basics of operating a computer.

A quick conversation with the founder, Mr. Santosh Phad, made me realize how much we lack as a country in the basics of the educational system. While we, the privileged have pumped in more money than one can fathom into our private education, there are kids who do not even receive the bare necessities. We, as a community could do so much more to help these kids achieve their dreams and make “Education for all” a massive success. DHL Express was the god-sent contributor of these laptops.

The ratio of teachers to students in the rural set-up is rather disheartening to see. We have a larger amount of enrollment in the rural areas than in the urban. We need more teachers, moreover we need more computer aided teaching to be done in the remote areas so as to allow them quality education, without having to pay a bomb and travel.

We, at ThinkSharp Foundation would like to thank DHL in helping us realize the dreams of these kids.

Written By
Pratiksha Ghosh Vichhivora


Bringing social change with the help of social media SM4E2017

On 05 and 06 Oct 2017 we, Thinksharp Foundation had an opportunity to attend a workshop organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) (Read about there amazing work at  On behalf of ThinkSharp Foundation team, I was privileged to attend the workshop.

This workshop was organised in a beautiful location by DEF’S SM4E2017 team (SM4E is social media for empowerment, Read about them at Th workshop was at Sanskriti Kendra Anandgram, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, A nand Gram, New Delhi, Delhi.


 While we all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media tools to stay connected with our friends and family. There are organisations who use them to help society and to bring change in society . DEF is one such international organisation who connects, educates, and creates awareness regarding digital empowerment of masses. They also connect and help other NGO, Social enterprise and organisations  who are trying to integrate digital media in bringing social change.

We were humbled and proud when we were chosen to be one of the attendees of this powerful workshop.

The workshop identified the need of social media tools needed by NGO and social impact creating organisations. If organisations like us want to reach wider audience in terms of beneficiaries or donors we have to have strong social media content and strategy. However many of us are lacking  in terms of skilled manpower or finances to spend on social media only.

This workshop provided us with practical tools and knowledge on how to address this limitation by creating content for social media with available human resource and funds. The topics included “creating social media content”, “Marketing and promotion on social media”, “Best practices in Digital marketing” and content creation on social media”. Apart from this structured topics the workshop provided opportunity to learn from each other.

Various representatives (founders, social media strategist) from other organisations who are doing a great job in bringing social change were present . I had a great learning from there experience.  To name few i provide there Facebook link, if you need a positivity dose read about there inspiring work.

 We are doing our best to apply this social media tools and leanings of workshop to reach more and more rural children and provide them better educational infrastructure. If you believe in helping us, like our Facebook page, Instagram, twitter, you tube and spread our work on your social media accounts.

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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6th StudyMall Launched at Z.P.School Badakwasti, Dist-Aurangabad

On 07 Oct 2017, we launched our sixth StudyMall at Z.P School, Badakwasti, Taluka Sillod, Dist.Aurangabad, Maharashtra . Badakwasti is a small village with approx population of 7000 people . Here is short story of before and after transformation of this school and how StudyMall has added needed educational infrastructure for this village children.

(Watch our 2 min transformation StudyMall launch story in video form @

On 29 July 2017 our team consisting of Rahul sonawane and Founder Santosh Phad visited Z.P. school at Badakwasti, Tq. Sillod, Aurangabad . We got a request from  school teachers Mr.Vishasir and Mr.Prakash sir (Prakash Rajput & Vishal Tipramwar ) to install StudyMall in there school.

This school is model school for entire Maharashtra region which is having DigitalClass running on solar source, Water storage, Separate Dining area for kids, beautiful paintings and lots of trees in school compound. The  infrastructure included at  Z.P.School was 2 RCC classrooms for 1st to 4th standard students. Electricity supply from solar system and 1 classroom with digital Led TV . Everything done with the help of teachers, villagers and students.

This type of model school infrastructure got us excited which we saw in  our primary visit (pre-visit) . We were inspired by the hardwork and passion put in by everyone in this school. We then decided to pitch in to help them more.

And we Launched StudyMall on 07 Oct 2017 in this school.

This StudyMall provides computer from Samhita ( , Toys from ToyBank ( , Dolls made by kids for kids sent by  (dolla are sent by kids from all over world wonderful story books by Pratham books  (  and other crafts and arts material .

We thank each one of our supporter and donor for providing this 46 students and many more children of Badakwasti village digital education, books, toys ,arts,crafts and learning tools.

You can watch interview of students what they like from the StudyMall on our youtube channel. We recommend you watch how Shravani a 2 year toddler cries to come to school and doesn’t like to go home once she is in school. Shravani loves StudyMall and the toys it provides her.

We were humbled by the media coverage received for our work. We dedicate this appreciations to all the Z.P.School teachers, students, Badakwasti village residents and our supporters. ( , 

If you want to transform your village school, contact us.If you want to help us transform our existing projects too you can donate,support,share and like for our project.

You can  donate on our website ..

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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