Providing right educational infrastructure to rural children

When our internet is not working we feel, “oh well, if it was working i would have completed my presentation for tomorrow”.  That  moment we realize that to function and give our best in our day to day life we really need to have  access to best infrastructure with us required to complete that job.

Rural children too have lot of potential and if provided with right educational infrastructure they can do so much to reach there full potential.

Thanks to our more than 50 regular individual donors and other anonymous, corporate, organisational donors who are doing exactly this  job “providing the right educational infrastructure at right time for rural children” by supporting StudyMall.

StudyMall is providing infrastructure like books, games, arts, crafts , digital learning , computer learning etc to more than 3000 rural children in five different villages of Maharashtra.

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While we have many anecdotes and stories to share with our supporters on how it helped each and every child, but to RESPECT YOUR TIME WE give brief on impact of STUDYMALL  BELOW.

At present we have  five StudyMall in five different villages of Maharashtra and the impact is summarized below-

  • StudyMall reached to more than 3000 children in five different villages.

  • Computer learning and benefits are known to more than 200 students.

  • Digital learning access to more than 1500 children through digital class in four different schools.

  • More than 25 teachers teaching in a demonstrative way by using digital class.

  • StudyMall is providing them chance to read non academic books, develop there essay,drawing,elocution etc skills. It is also helping them understand complex topics such as gravity and geometry with the help of audiovisuals from digital projector.

For detailed impact you can check our activity report

You too  can donate and support to help many other rural children learn, read and grow better. You will also gain from the donation as all our donations have tax benefits.

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Thanks and keep your Human side up that will keep you smiling….

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.




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