6th StudyMall Launched at Z.P.School Badakwasti, Dist-Aurangabad

On 07 Oct 2017, we launched our sixth StudyMall at Z.P School, Badakwasti, Taluka Sillod, Dist.Aurangabad, Maharashtra . Badakwasti is a small village with approx population of 7000 people . Here is short story of before and after transformation of this school and how StudyMall has added needed educational infrastructure for this village children.

(Watch our 2 min transformation StudyMall launch story in video form @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0y5svk-Q5o)

On 29 July 2017 our team consisting of Rahul sonawane and Founder Santosh Phad visited Z.P. school at Badakwasti, Tq. Sillod, Aurangabad . We got a request from  school teachers Mr.Vishasir and Mr.Prakash sir (Prakash Rajput & Vishal Tipramwar ) to install StudyMall in there school.

This school is model school for entire Maharashtra region which is having DigitalClass running on solar source, Water storage, Separate Dining area for kids, beautiful paintings and lots of trees in school compound. The  infrastructure included at  Z.P.School was 2 RCC classrooms for 1st to 4th standard students. Electricity supply from solar system and 1 classroom with digital Led TV . Everything done with the help of teachers, villagers and students.

This type of model school infrastructure got us excited which we saw in  our primary visit (pre-visit) . We were inspired by the hardwork and passion put in by everyone in this school. We then decided to pitch in to help them more.

And we Launched StudyMall on 07 Oct 2017 in this school.

This StudyMall provides computer from Samhita (http://www.samhita.org/) , Toys from ToyBank (http://toybank.in/) , Dolls made by kids for kids sent by Msterio.org  (dolla are sent by kids from all over world https://www.msterio.org/) wonderful story books by Pratham books  (http://www.prathambooks.org/)  and other crafts and arts material .

We thank each one of our supporter and donor for providing this 46 students and many more children of Badakwasti village digital education, books, toys ,arts,crafts and learning tools.

You can watch interview of students what they like from the StudyMall on our youtube channel. We recommend you watch how Shravani a 2 year toddler cries to come to school and doesn’t like to go home once she is in school. Shravani loves StudyMall and the toys it provides her. https://youtu.be/grf8a6ZZO44

We were humbled by the media coverage received for our work. We dedicate this appreciations to all the Z.P.School teachers, students, Badakwasti village residents and our supporters. ( http://www.epunyanagari.com/imageview_7506_2802_4_91_12-10-2017_4_i_1_st.html , 

If you want to transform your village school, contact us.If you want to help us transform our existing projects too you can donate,support,share and like for our project.

You can  donate on our website ..http://www.thinksharpfoundation.org/#/donate

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

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Author: Thinksharp Foundation

Thinksharp Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation. We believe that every child has a right for better education and that he/she should have opportunity to access what they deserve. Thinksharp Foundation is running Project "StudyMall" - Read and Learn in various villages of Maharashtra.

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