15th StudyMall launched at Z.P school , Mahalgaon, Tq.Vaijapur, Dist.Aurangabad

Thinksharp Foundation is growing and reaching more and more villages to help rural children by providing them better educational infrastructure. On 17 April 2018  we met another milestone, we launched 15th StudyMall at Z.P school , Mahalgaon, Tq.Vaijapur, Dist.Auranagabad.  With this StudyMall we are reaching now 4000+ rural children and more than 100 teachers in our StudyMall schools. This Project was sponsored through our CSR  (Corporate Social Responsibility) partnership with Endurance International Group, a renowned Technology company (More details – https://india.endurance.com/about-us/

Team Thinksharp Foundation with all the dignitaries and guest for the StudyMall Launch Ceremony.

This project was mainly possible due to support from all our donors, funders, supporters, local teachers, parents and villagers .

This StudyMall  will be providing  these 218 and many more other children from Mahalgaon Village –  a chance to read books and enjoy there childhood, chance to sing along , dance along while watching poems  on digital projector and learn easily difficult concepts in various subject such as science  through digital learning and chance to develop there talent in  arts,crafts and enjoy other better educational infrastructure.

The Projector at the Digital Class- StudyMall displaying a Poem-“Paus Aals- Rain has come”

We have set up Library and digital class for betterment of these 218+ students. 1 classroom is converted to appear child friendly by painting it with animations and colors as advanced hub of learning with lots of books in drawing, stories, DIY hobbies, and digital/e-learning .Total classroom are 12 out of which 09 are RCC.

Our Founder sharing his views on Better educational infrastructure in rural parts of India.

You can catch glimpses of opening ceremony and StudyMall at our facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/pg/ThinkSharpFoundation/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1028386870633862

Mahalgaon is a small village with approximate total population of 4900 +.  Z.P.School of this small village is from  1st to 4th std and is Marathi medium school, with total student count 218.

We thank all our partners for infrastructure solutions  E-Prashala, Pratham Books, Jyotsna Publication. We thank our Sponsor  Endurance International Group, and also extend our thanks to our individual supporters and donors.

We are happy to share that we also received Media Coverage for the event, to mention few is Coverage by Dainik Bhaskar and Sakal Newspaper.

We wait for more feedback from students and teachers on usage of StudyMall and its impact on there learning.  We will update you on same on periodic basis. Connect to our social media pages to get live updates.

Written by -Dr.Shraddha M Bhange

Volunteer and Writer for Thinksharp Foundation.

Web- www.ThinkSharpFoundation.org

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Author: Thinksharp Foundation

Thinksharp Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation. We believe that every child has a right for better education and that he/she should have opportunity to access what they deserve. Thinksharp Foundation is running Project "StudyMall" - Read and Learn in various villages of Maharashtra.

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